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Biotoon - Petrichor

Chapter 5

The Blue Hour

Lord Baci
Lord Baci

In-between light and darkness, in the comforting melancholy of an ending day.

You ease into the murmur of your friends’ conversation.

Punctuated by the clinking of glass.

It unravels, warming you to the night.

The glasses sparkle red in the candle light.



A companion for celebrations and sparkling moments, wine has been present at our table for thousands of years. Throughout history we have enjoyed its intoxicating effects and have continuously strived to refine its complex taste palette. Then it became so complex that we had to develop a language to describe it.

The process of winemaking is a concerted effort of grapes, microbes and humans. The grapes already bring their own microbiome to the production: yeast, bacteria and fungi that cling to their skin.



While they contribute to create the individual wine bouquet, the fermentation process is mainly driven by selected strains of yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae and the bacterium Oenococcus oeni. They are added to manage the process. They are well-known for their talent to convert sugar into ethanol and L-malic acid into the less acidic L-lactic acid. The factors influencing the outcome seem endless, providing an ever growing choice of wines and experiences.



Biotoon - Petrichor
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