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Biotoon - Petrichor

Chapter 4


Lord Baci
Lord Baci

Early memories of hidden red heads.

Playing peek-a-boo in a green forest.

They do not last long in your chubby hands.

Your lips, coated with the fragrance of strawberries, turn a supernatural red.



Strawberries evoke feelings. Their fragrance brings back childhood memories of carefree summertime, picnics with friends and ice cream parlors. Consumers tend to name the strawberry flavor as one of their favorites.

It is not surprising that the food industry offers endless products which incorporate strawberry elements or other popular fruit flavors. Many of these aromas are produced synthetically to meet the demand. So, disappointingly, your fruit yogurt might not contain the cherished fruit at all.



An increasing demand for natural flavors drives the biotechnological generation of aroma compounds which uses genetically engineered microorganisms, yeasts and bacteria, to produce flavors which are commonly made by plants. A landmark flavor produced using yeast is natural vanillin. Biotech could help manage shortages caused by at-risk crops like banana, cacao, and vanilla.



Biotoon - Petrichor
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